We are today, 28. 0ctober 2021, doing the online publication of the video-installation STANDING I from our multimedia project SACRED. We think of it as a distillation of our work since we started our collaboration in 2016. Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir(Is) and Liv Nome(No)

STANDING I    Video-installation and live performance

Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir (Is) and Liv Nome (No) are in Standing Ipresent with a waterfall in the powerful nature of North Iceland.

They express the urgency to stand with the nature through uncomfortable changes, to stand with the discomfort from what we have inflicted on nature with our actions in the past and to this day as modern humans.

Their state of being represents the possibility to be merging with nature to receive the gift of life-force directly if we choose it.  The piece is also picturing their motivation for standing with nature as a political move, and as an important part of who we are as humans in nature. 

“In our live performance we stand with the filmed Standing uncomfortably long, this brings extra intensity into the space with audience. 

We are standing still but a lot is happening within this stillness.  The sound and flow of the waterfall behind us, the moving of the wind in the dresses and the small changes of the light in the sky. These are movements of nature that is natural to be aware of, but is often forgotten in the busy modern life. An awareness that we believe can trigger honesty by perceiving the whole picture of current situations in general and the capacity to be present with the brutal reality of the world.”

The performanceis inspired by an older work of Thora Solveig called Her or she/here made in Norway where she lived and worked for a few years This piece was a psychological work about the powerful wild nature reflected in human nature. 


Duration: 9 min.

Collaborators: Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir / Liv Nome

Film/cutting: Thora Solveig Bergsteinsdottir / Liv Nome

Sound recording: Liv Nome

Sound editing: Liv Nome / Lars Sørensen

Performed / exhibited at:

A! Performance festival 2017 and 2021 Iceland

Galleri Vanntårnet – Nesodden kunstforening  2018 Norway

Vigil Earth festival – Concerned artists Norway 2018 Norway

Listasumar Akureyri – Deiglan 2018 Iceland

Rökkurdagar at Sögumidstödin in Grundarfjordur 2021 Iceland

Sequenses festival off venue at Artak 105 Gallery in Reykjavik 2021 Iceland

Presentations in 2018 and 2021 were supported by Norwegian council of art – Norsk Kulturråd is/no samarbeid.

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