Rust 1-16 Photo series of oxidised metal

I get fascinated by the close-up details in nature; it triggers my imagination.  Often the smallest stuff reminds me of the grandest, like space or figures from the realm of dreams.  

The rust-formed lines and shapes I found on some old metal in the yard outside my studio, gave me an abundance of abstract motives. I used the Canon Eos M -camera for the shooting. The photos are printable in different sizes and paper-qualities up to 200 cm x 150 cm for the rectangular ones, 150 cm x 150 cm for the square ones and suits different forms of framing after customers choice.

Rust 1
Rust 2
Rust 3
Rust 4
Rust 5
Rust 6
Rust 7
Rust 8
Rust 9
Rust 10
Rust 11
Rust 12
Rust 13
Rust 14
Rust 15
Rust 16

All prints available

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