Come Peace

Be  silent  for  a  while  and  wish  for  peace  

Today Silent wish was presented for the first time in gallery, among 70 other lovely art souls show,  in Gallery Vanntårnet, at the local annual fest/exhibition – medlemsutstillingen 2018.

Silent wish Galleri Vanntårnet 14.04.18.JPG Fossen 2 galleri vanntårnet 14.04.18 -kopiVed Galleri Vanntårnet - Medlemsutstilling NKF 14.04.18  .JPG

When I came home from the warm event; I heard about the new intensity of war actions that happened this night ! Strong, violent turmoils of horror – effecting us all.

I had to cry a bit, and light a candle.  I got chills through my body when thinking of a  syncronisity – the current world situation with the text in my song, played out like a suggestion;

Be  silent  for  a  while    and  wish  for  peace  

Feel free to see the video from the link here: Silent wish


Granborg 14.04.18.

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